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Waxahatchee is the alter ego of American singer-songwriter Katie Crutchfield, named after the Waxahatchee Creek, in Alabama. In 2015, Crutchfield released "Ivy Tripp," an intimate and unhurried album hinging on themes of anxiety and directionless, about a generation of people discontent with the world they've inherited.

Wanting to explore more expressive typography, I used uses the letters of the band's name to create the feeling of an abandoned landscape, untended and run down, constructed but not maintained. I overprinted1 the colors to create a sense of depth and neglect, a set of letters scattered haphazardly around the scene and left for someone else to pick up.

1. Speaking of overprinting, if anyone happens to have a copy of Dramatic Color by Overprinting that I can borrow, hit me up.

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