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for Unisys

Unisys is a tech-based company in Pennsylvania providing a wide range of IT services, software, and technology. With the same care and attention they give their work, the people at Unisys take pride in their office, wanting to create a space that is unique, fun, and inspiring. Unisys engaged Wier/Stewart, a creative firm in Augusta, GA to create a set of custom murals based around their corporate mantras.1 Mine focused on the phrase "best or nothing."

1. This was for the second round of murals that W/S has done with Unisys, taking the short, pithy statements they've adopted as their rally cries into beautiful, large-scale installations. Based on the strength of the previous work, I was excited to be brought in on a project-based contract to work on this round.

This project challenged me to find an idea that didn't make the phrase feel menacing or overbearing — the goal, after all was to inspire and delight the employees and visitors of Unisys.2 The phrase, paired with the fact that my piece was intended to wrap around the corner of a wall, gave me a unique opportunity to juxtapose the two ideas in a way that brought a sense of humor, wit, and levity to the message.

2. In developing concepts for the mural, I had to keep in mind principles like scale, color, and tone, and how each affects the larger message of the piece. The wrong image or color palette could quickly turn the piece from fun to frightening.

At the client's request, the artwork underwent a few changes between when I handed off my files and when it went to print. I'm stoked with how the final piece turned out, though, and the team at Wier/Stewart did a great job bringing my vision to life.

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