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Designed as part of a 48-hour packaging competition,1 S'monsters S'more Kits provide an efficient and fun way to make s'mores no matter where you are. Centered around a ghoulish cast of characters, the Kits recall the days of sitting 'round the campfire, roasting 'mallows and trading ghost stories, to create a playful, award-winning2 concept packaging for s’mores.

1. Our team consisted of Preston Grubbs, Erica Hines, Andy Stewart, Caitlin Dupree, Zach Rossman, and Jessica Ruiz
2. The S'monsters S'more kits were featured on the The Dieline shortly after the completion of the 48 Hour Repack, and ended up placing in the top three in the student section of the Dieline Competition that year.

S’morton (mint), S’matt (classic), & S’molly (strawberry) each boast their own, distinct personality and story, inspired by the flavor of marshmallow they carry. The kits standardize the size and portion of each ingredient, so whether you're in the backyard or the woods, your s'mores are ready to roast, stack and enjoy. And when you're done, the box serves as a hand puppet3 while you tell the mad lib ghost story, featured on the inside back panel of each S'Monster.

3. As a part of the competition, we were required to submit a promo video to explain the project. In a state sleepless delirium, I ended up in a Boy Scouts uniform. Mercifully, I do not remember doing this.

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