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Shaprece: Her Song

for the Decibel Festival

Shaprece's Molting EP is dark and brooding — a mix of atmospheric electronics, orchestral strings, deep bass, and layered vocals exploring themes of love and loss. On Her Song, a standout track, insecurity and isolation prevail, floating above lush arrangements and rich harmonies. "Insecurity whispers it's gripping voice," Shaprece sings, "seeping deeper and deeper into his head."

This was tough one. In the well-documented highs and lows of the creative process, I was in the trough of sorrow. My concepts didn't seem to fit, and the idea felt like it would never come. I was riddled with insecurity. So it was cathartic to finally land on the design, to acknowledge that I was standing in my own way, that I was making my own monsters. To quote Bukowski, more often that not, "we are eaten up by nothing."

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