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for Picture Change

Picture Change is a nonprofit using photography to empower women and children in impoverished areas around the world. They believe that cultivating creativity can be a means of social change, and so give students the skills and equipment necessary to tell their own stories on their own terms.

Working with founder Kate Gazaway, we developed this brochure to help people understand the necessity of Picture Change's programs, and the various ways they can contribute to the cause. The brief photo-essay speaks to Kate’s experience in India1 working with the victims of sex trafficking. The words and photographs that make up the bulk of the brochure come directly from her, and are evocative in their authenticity, acuity, and compassion.

1. This project began with me reading through all of Kate's blog posts from her trips abroad with Picture Change. I selected the most powerful stories and ideas from her posts and stitched them together into a narrative, which Kate and I then edited into the copy for the final, printed piece.

My goal with the design was to create space for Kate's images and words to carry the story, and the brochure is powerful because Picture Change's work is exactly that. With feedback and input from Kate, I edited and structured the narrative with selections of her writings from her trips abroad, all in support of the simple idea that is the foundation for all of Picture Change's work:

You are important because you exist. Your circumstances do not define you.

The final product is just breathtaking. I'm so grateful for folks who share their talent in such a beautiful way.

Kate Gazaway, Picture Change Founder

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