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Turning It Up

for KEXP

KEXP is Seattle's beloved independent radio station. After over 40 years on the air, the station announced they'd be moving their operations to Seattle Center and building a headquarters1 befitting of their massive legacy. In 2015, they launched the KEXP's New Home campaign to raise money for the new space. As a part of that campaign, they hosted Turn It Up! — a benefit party celebrating Seattle's Creative Community — and asked ten artists and designers to contribute artwork to the event.

1. KEXP hosted the grand opening of their new home in April of 2016, and it really is amazing. Aside from the beautiful new public space they created, features like the "Artist Oasis" — which offers amenities like showers, laundry facilities, and work stations to touring artists, free of charge — make it a truly unique and wonderful space.

With art direction from Jeff Kleinsmith and Sasha Barr of Sup Pop, I developed a poster to promote and sell at the event, celebrating the humble paint can as a symbol of both construction and creativity. The layout of the poster — from the "New Home" snipe and type treatments to the weird little Paint Can Man2 in the bottom corner — references the conventions of classic product advertisements, while still maintaining a distinctly modern aesthetic.

2. PCM, as we lovingly refer to him, is one of my favorite parts of this poster. It's the weird little tropes like anthropomorphic products that I love digging out of visual history and integrating in my work.

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