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Justin's Nut Butters began with "a good idea, great ambition…and an affinity for local and natural ingredients." As a leader in sustainable packaging initiatives, Justin’s is on the search for 100% recyclable and compostable packaging options for its trademark squeeze packs. This concept1 explores how packaging could help unify Justin’s2 all-natural nut butter line in its form, personality, and commitment to a healthier planet.

1. I published the first draft of this concept in February 2013. Shortly thereafter, it was picked up by Packaging Served, a curated selection of packaging projects from the Behance Network.
2. Okay, I have to tell this story. Right after college, I moved to Colorado to be a ski bum for a year. To support myself, I worked in a small, natural grocery store. One night, This long-haired guy walked in and asked if I like Justin's squeeze packs, to which I replied something like "hell yeah!" In response, the guy said, "Good. My names Justin, and I just bought you these squeeze packs," then turned around and walked out. Seriously.

How can Justin’s packaging both have a stronger shelf presence and better show its environmental commitment? Here's an idea. Thinking beyond the jar, these 16 ounce compostable pouches3 take full advantage of Justin's initiatives, and reflect the almond in their iconic shape. As a bonus, this solution simplifies the process of mixing the natural oils back into the nut butter.

3. At the time, I got a lot of questions about if such a concept were even possible. I maintained that it was given the creamy consistency of Justin's nut butters. Justin's never bit, unfortunately, but I'm glad that someone eventually went there.

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