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for the Church of Truth

In order to fund a major renovation to its main building, the Church of Truth — a multi-cultural community in Vancouver, WA — needed to communicate the triumphs and milestones of its twenty-plus year history.1 Working closely with members of the church's leadership, I helped them tell the story of their community and commitment to social outreach, and visually track progress toward their greater financial goal.

1. In addition to honoring the church's major accomplishments in Vancouver, we also needed to call out the impact they've made in more than a hundred cities around the world. This came to life in the form a map of "pins," visually display their global reach.

In order to speak to the diversity of the church's community, the project needed a tone of voice that was neutral and inclusive, while still being warm and approachable. Din Next, with it's international origins and soft corners, fit the job well. And because of it's range of widths and weights, we were able to establish a suitable hierarchy while maintaining a relatively simple palette of typefaces. The result: a 30-foot installation2 celebrating the church's rich history and global impact.

2. A huge thanks to Limitless Walls in North Carolina, who expertly handled the printing on this project.

We loved that even after the design was finished, Andy took interest in seeing the project to completion. It showed that he was invested in our project and cared to see it through all the way.

Edita, Church of Truth

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