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Cellnetix Pathology Labs

CellNetix is a dynamic, rapidly growing private pathology company in Seattle, Washington that serves clients throughout the greater Puget Sound region. The company works hard to provide the high quality care, but they had a perception probem: specifically, their external communications with both patients and health professionals was seen as cold and confusing. Working closely with their team, we helped address these issues by overhauling their website and visual language.

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Laying the Foundation

As with any larger web project, we kicked off by creating an architechture and framework for the site, working to understand where their previous site fell short and helping to align the new site's experience with their company goals. In addition to site architechture, we also reimagined their visual language, combining a dark color palette, playful illustration style, and clean typography that allowed us to differentiate Cellnetix from other pathology laboratories while still keeping the overall tone friendly, professional, and approachable.

Under the Microscope

Taking a cue from the shape of the Cellnetix logo, we used the homepage header as a chance to kick the site off with an unexpected bit of interactivity. With a few SVGs and a dash of javascript, we created an abstract, dynamic representation of a cluster of cells, setting the tone for the rest of the site and establishing that this ain't your average healthcare company.

Science, Illustrated

Wanting to both differentiate Cellnetix from the competition and set a more friendly and approachable tone, we developed a distinct illustration style for the site, allowing us to move away from a more expected, photography-based approach. Spot illustrations represent key concepts and allow for a richer, more diverse visual voice.

Visualizing Value

One of the most unique things about Cellnetix is the degree of specialization that exists throughout their process. Wanting to highlight this as one of the distinguishing features of their organization, we developed a set of visualizations comparing the Cellnetix process with other, more traditional workflows.

The Outcome

It's not always easy to convince your company to completely overhaul your website, and with it the way you present yourself to the world. Working closely with the Cellnetix team, we addressed structural and experiential issues within their site and completely reimagined their visual voice. And along the way, we helped them break a few industry norms, setting them up with modern, sophisticated, yet approachable site that can grow alongside them.

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