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The Beecher's Foundation

The Beecher's Foundation is a team of change-makers, stubborn optimists, and unapologetic eaters on a mission to build a better food future for all. Working closely with their leadership, we helped design and build a central hub for all of its program, outreach and educational activities.

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  • Andy Stewart, Design
  • Mary Rauzi, Design
  • Steve Scaff, Development
  • Taylee Pardi, Project Mgmt
  • Sketch
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
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  • Food & Beverage
  • Non-Profit
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One Site to Rule Them All

When they contacted us, the Foundation was opperating three completely distinct sites — one for the Foundation and two for its main programs, Pure Food Kids and Sound Food Uprising. Because each site had its own logo, voice and style, our biggest challenges with this project were developing a single site to help clarify the relationship between these three things, and establishing a visual language that worked for all of them.

Prepping the Ingredients

As with any larger web project, we kicked off by creating an architechture and framework for the site. We worked with the team at the Foundation to understand what they hoped to accomplish with the project and who they hoped to reach, and then defined an experience in line with their goals and ambitions.

Food. Friendly.

Throughout the site, the tone needed to strike a balance between fun and professional. In general, we toed that line by pairing bright pops of color with ample whitespace and a strict design language. We saw the nav as a place to cut loose, though, combining custom food photography, full-bleed colors, and the foundation's logo into charming, dynamic compositions.

Sweatin' the Details

Because of its nonprofit status, giving the Foundation an overly flashy site would have been inappropriate — and even detrimental — to its mission. With everything from hover states to data visualizations, we made sure that all interactions and animations served a purpose, making the experience more user-friendly, accessible and understandable.

The Outcome

Of course, a site isn't effective if it only looks nice on the front end — managing your site needs to be painless as well. By taking a modular, component-based approach to design and development, we created a site that is easily maintained and updated out of the box, and that's flexible enough to scale and grow with the Foundation over time.

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