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Hi, my name's Andy.
I'm a designer & illustrator.

One area I focus on is branding.1 More than a logo, a brand is the entire voice of a company — it's visual style, tone, messaging, posture. Done well, it clarifies and communicates the personality and passions of a company. As I stepped into full-time freelancing, I knew it was important for me, as anyone, to take an honest look at who I am and what I do — and how I can better express that.

1. Honestly, I feel mixed about the word "branding." I prefer the term "Visual Identity System" because it feels somehow more specific — like a collection of graphic elements working together to construct a larger narrative. I do realize, though, that it sounds entirely technical, lacks a certain sex appeal, and is unfamiliar to most people, and so I will likely use the two terms interchangeably.

I'm a designer & illustrator. Superficially, this means I draw things for a living. While not untrue, it's at best a partial picture of my skills and interests. I needed my visual identity to showcase all my skills — my passion for developing ideas and strategies, my love of design and aesthetics, and my dedication to craft in production. So, I took myself through the entire process — from forming a brand strategy and developing an identity system, to producing business cards, promotional materials, and a responsive web site using everything from letterpress and silkscreen to custom coding.

I developed my identity to echo traits characteristic of my work — bold, simple, modern, thoughtful — without aping any particular style or technique, and to reinforce a simple, honest promise:

Turning ideas into images

Taking DIY to a higher level, Andy…did not let letterpressing, duplexing, silkscreening, collating, or any other of the many steps involved in his full kit of materials get the best of him—he surely made the best use of his resources.

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