Hi, my name's Andy

I'm a designer and Illustrator in Seattle

I love taking things apart and putting them back together, because I want to know why they work — why a logo can make you smile, why a brand identity can instill you with trust and affection, why an image can break your heart.

This curiosity about the hidden mechanics behind everyday things is why I got into design, and what I bring to the table. I want to help you understand your why — why you do what you do, why it matters, and how to tell it.

I want to make things that make adults act more like children—that inspire wonder, curiosity, compassion, and joy. If you do this, then we’ll likely get along.

Check me out on Instagram, shoot me an email, or see my resume.

Clients and Accomplices

People I've worked with and worked for

  1. Urban Influence
  2. Turnstyle
  3. Matchstic
  4. Tether
  5. Son&Sons
  6. Wier/Stewart
  7. Graphiti Associates
  8. Intentional Futures
  9. Buckminster Fuller Institute
  10. KEXP
  11. The Burke Museum
  12. Bayou Steel Group
  13. Glowforge
  14. Unisys
  15. Luvo
  16. Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
  17. Microsoft
  18. The Vera Project
  19. Coca-Cola
  20. Shelby Earl
  21. Seattle Design Festival
  22. The Bully Project
  23. Picture Change
  24. Songeez
  25. School of Visual Concepts

Feedback and Recognition

Kind words from kind people

  • Andy's the best designer I've worked with in Seattle. And I've worked with many! He's the perfect combination of creative, talented, organized & a skilled communicator.

    Shelby Earl, Musician

  • We loved that even after the design was finished, Andy took interest in seeing the project to completion. It showed that he was invested in our project.

    Edita, Church of Truth

  • Andy's a design polymath! Not only is he skilled with a diverse assortment of talents, he always brings a positive attitude and a commitment to doing great work.

    Michael, Indie.Biz

  • Andy approaches his design work with imagination, a collaborative spirit, and a real drive to understand what his client needs and how best to answer that vision.

    Beth, Intentional Futures

Questions and Answers

Frequently Asked Questions

I help organizations and individuals with things like brand identity, responsive web sites, print materials, installations & environmental graphics, packaging, art direction, illustration, lettering, typography & layout, and creative instruction.
A mechanical pencil and tracing paper, to start. Beyond that, I'm proficient in Adobe Illustrator, Indesign, and Photoshop, as well as Sketch. I am comfortable with After Effects and prototyping software like Invision. Plus, I know my way around a letterpress or silkscreen studio.
That's a loaded question. I'm comfortable with front-end development (HTML5 and CSS3). I built this site from scratch, but I'm not a dev and I will not build you a site myself. However, my knowledge of these languages helps me work effectively with developers to up your web game.
I don't have rates, per se. I price projects that interest me on a case-by-case basis because, really, no two are the same. I want to work with you to define the project and create a scope of work that is appropriate, strategic, and above all else, fair.
Even more than a specific type of project, I want to work with companies who are passionate about what they do, who provide a valuable service or product, and who do so with honesty, integrity, and feeling. A good sense of humor doesn't hurt either.
I'm inspired most by people who aren't afraid to bring their own perspective and passion to solving a problem or telling a story. A few people I think do this well are Christopher Simmons, Kelli Anderson, Frank Chimero, Rebecca Solnit, and Roman Mars.
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The desire for beauty is something
that’s in us, and it’s not trivial.

Stefan Sagmeister

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